Pit Bull

pit bull attacks can cause a lot of damage due to their size, strength, and determination. Pit bulls also have an incredibly strong jaw that allows them to clamp down on their target, leading many victims of pit bull bites to say the dog would not let go.


Rottweilers are well known to be powerful, protective, and loyal, and can be dangerous when they attack intruders. Although Rottweilers are not a threat to the family, they are usually very aggressive when they protect their owners.

German Shepherd

The pure bite strength of a grown German Shepherd is enough to break a bone and cause very serious physical injuries. This breed is also prone to becoming very territorial and possessive. If they feel like they are being invaded or have unwanted guests, this can lead to an aggressive outburst

American Bulldog

American bulldogs are neither more nor less dangerous than other working breeds of dogs. An American bulldogs' powerful build and intensely loyal nature can make these dogs wary of strangers. This characteristic is often mistaken for aggression by those unfamiliar with the breed.


Bullmastiffs can be dangerous if they don't have proper training and socialization from their owners. These dogs are guard dogs, so they can be very territorial, which can make them aggressive. But they can also be sweet and gentle. Training and socializing a Bullmastiff early can emphasize those calmer traits.

Siberian Huskies

Huskies are not an aggressive or dangerous dog breed. They were not developed to guard or defend their property or owner. Unfortunately, plenty of preventable bite incidents happen every year in the USA.

Labrador retriever

Labradors have moved into fifth spot on the list of breeds with the highest number of dangerous dog registrations, according to the Gold Coast City Council. The council has 277 dogs registered as "dangerous" pets — an increase of 77 since 2020, as a result of serious dog attacks and incidents.

Boxer Dog

The numbers from this data show that Boxer dogs are the eighth most dangerous breed. Over that time period, there were 74 reported Boxer dog attacks that caused serious bodily harm, as well as nine deaths. This places Boxers ahead of other dangerous dog breeds, such as Akitas and Chows.