Best Dogs Breeds for Families

Labrador Retriever

Labs are excellent family dogs because they do want to be with people and many do not do well as kennel dogs. Labradors do tend to be protective of their families and homes but are usually happy to greet company, too.


Poodles are good family dogs — fun, energetic, smart and easy to train. They do best with plenty of exercise for both mind and body and prefer to be with people most of the time. 

Irish Setter

Irish setters tend to be friendly and make good family dogs, but they can be a bit too big and rambunctious with small children. Some socialization is required because a few of these dogs are shy.


For the most part, Vizslas are thought of as gentle, happy, lively, affectionate, friendly, intelligent dogs that make great family pets. They love to be around people at all times


Friendly and relaxed, the colourful capital of Newfoundland and Labrador charms all ages with iceberg and whale boat trips, windswept hikes with dramatic vistas, birding adventures, offbeat museums and plenty of delicious eats.

Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are gentle, affectionate and playful with family members. They also are loyal pets that will guard the family. As with any large or tough breed, proper precautions around strangers, children, and other animals is essential.


Beagles are widely considered to be good with other pets and children. They are cheerful dogs that like affection. They prefer company, however, and if left alone, may howl and be destructive.


He's affectionate, even-tempered, and loves to be around children. Never in a hurry, this breed is a good choice for families with an equally relaxed lifestyle.